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Support Center
  • Q. [League of Angels] What happens to an angel's Evolution Level and points when inheriting?

    A. If the source angel's Evolution level is higher than the target angel's, the target angel will inherit it. If the target angel's Evolution level is higher than the source angel's, the target angel's Evolution level will not change. However, the source angel's Evolution level will still be reset. Evolution points do not transfer. The source angel's Evolution points reset after inheriting; be sure to finish the upgrade before inheriting.

  • Q. [League of Angels] Why does the Cross-server Tournament show "Event has expired"?

    A. The tournament battlefield is open from 10am to 10pm each day during the event time. You are not able to challenge your opponents out of the time window.

  • Q. [League of Angels]Our Guild Leader is inactive. Can we transfer the leadership to another member?

    A. If your Guild Leader hasn't been online for 7 consecutive days, the leadership will be passed to the Deputy Leader with the highest Contribution.

  • Q. [League of Angels] I have reached Level 32. Why isn't Tidal Pool activated?

    A. Tidal Pool will be activated after you finish the Level 32 main quests. Be sure to finish all the main quests up to your level.

  • Q. [League of Angels] Why was my daily check-in reset?

    A. Daily check-in is reset at the beginning of each calendar month. So be sure to get 20 check-ins within a month to get the big bonus.