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Support Center
  • Q. [General] Why can't I speak in World Chat?

    A. You will be automatically muted by our system for 15 minutes if you repeat messages where 70% of the content matches a total number of 5 times.

  • Q. [General] I have reached Level 32. Why isn't Tidal Pool activated?

    A. Tidal Pool will be activated after you finish the Level 32 main quests. Be sure to finish all the main quests up to your level to activate new functions.

  • Q. [General] Why was my daily check-in reset?

    A. Daily check-in is reset at the beginning of each calendar month. Be sure to get 20 check-ins within a month to get the big bonus!

  • Q. [General] A strange guy keeps sending me weird messages. What should I do?

    A. Let us know the nature of the messages if you feel they are keeping you from enjoying the game. That said, please remember that trolls usually go away when they are ignored!

  • Q. [General] How can I play this game with full screen?

    A. There is a full screen button at the top left of the game interface. Click on that to activate full screen mode.