• Q:How to Avoid Being Colonized?
    A:"During play, you can use many kinds of game features to avoid being colonized, such as Expediting, Guarding, Enduring, Relocating and Being vagrant. As for Expediting, take the initiative to attack and defeat any oncoming hostile forces. As for guarding, guard your bases and defend yourself. As for enduring, opening the endure status requires 3 hours of preparation. After the preparation period, your base and outposts will enter a truce status that lasts 5 hours. Tips: When enduring, you can't expedite or defend. The cooldown time of enduring is 5 hours. As for relocating, you can move your base to a location of one of your outposts. As for being vagrant, becoming vagrant allows you to choose a new planet as your place of birth. You will also retain 98% of your existing resources, but you will lose all of your bases, fortresses, resource points,facilities, alliances, and other data."
  • Q:What are need to know about Colonization?
    A:"1. When colonizing another player, it is possible to borrow all resources of the colonized player to go on an expedition; 2. Player who is being colonized requires a certain amount of resources to rebel; 3. Being colonized does not affect regular play. When colonized, resource points and bases' ownership will not change; 4. Only players who are part of an alliance can colonize others. If an alliance leader is colonized, all of the alliance will be colonized; 5. When being colonized, a player will not be able to relocate their city; 6. After being colonized, a player will enter a truce status that lasts 12 hours."
  • Q:What is Alliance Colonization?
    A:When an alliance leader is attacked and his/her base endurance reaches zero, then all members of that alliance will be colonized. After an alliance is demised, it requires all members of the alliance to rebel to gain freedom from the colonization.
  • Q:What is Player Colonization?
    A:When alliance members attack a player and reduces the player's base endurance to zero, then the player under attack is colonized. When being colonized, a certain amount of resources in the warehouse will be plundered by the final attacking member.