• Q:How to increase Max Prestige Limit?
    A:Build a parliament house. Each parliament building in your base increases your prestige limit by 600 (Same as for outposts).
  • Q:How to increase Max Resource Point Limit?
    A:"Increasing your max prestige limit will also increase your max resource point limit. Each increase of 100 prestige increases your resource points limit by 1. Tip: You can abandon low-level resource points to occupy high-level resource points."
  • Q:How to expedite?
    A:"Tap on a target area and then ""Expedite"" to immediately send an expeditionary troop. This will cost 20 stamina. Tips: The expedition destination must be linked to your resource point, but you don't need a direct link from your base to your target."
  • Q:How to get Golds?
    A:Golds can be obtained through tax collecting. Increasing your tax center's level in your base (same as for outposts) and occupying city areas allows you to increase the taxation.
  • Q:What is Trials?
    A:As a regular gameplay in our game, Trials can used to train your troop setup skills. When a trial is successfully completed, you will get a large amount of resources. Trials reset at midnight every day.
  • Q:How to Increase Power?
    A:To quickly increase power, your forces need to occupy more high-level resource points. Here are the 3 main tricks in successfully occupying high-level resource points: 1. Improving the overall army ability; 2. Cleverly using the reinforcement tactics and occupying skills; 3. Completing quests to gain prestige as reward.
  • Q:What is Power?
    A:Power depends on the number and level of resource points occupied by a player. The higher the resource point level, the higher the power accumulated from a single resource point. Please note that there is a max number of resources points that you can occupy. During the gaming process, you need to continuously abandon low-level resource points, in order to occupy high-level resource points alternately.